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Miss South Pacific Trailer

About the movie

The Miss South Pacific Pageant is non-stop rollicking good fun and, make no mistake, the viewer will be entertained.  But in the end, the real story is about the impacts of global warming on these remarkable people of the South Pacific, truly a special place on our planet, and a place we must all share responsibility in protecting.

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about the director

As a director of music videos and feature films for over 30 years, the world of documentary filmmaking didn’t open up to me until I made a film called “14 Women” about the women Senators in the United States Congress.   That was not an easy film to make.  Unlike narrative films where you work with a script and actors, documentary films evolve without a script, and with real characters.  You can’t script a documentary film.  It just happens.  And so it was with “Miss South Pacific:  Beauty and the Sea.”

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About the producer

Teresa Tico is a Hawaii based attorney and film producer. She graduated from the University of California at San Diego summa cum laude, and from the University of San Diego School of Law. She is known for handling cases of first impression in the environmental sector of law and…

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